I’m re-posting a comment from charter school director Carolyn Sharette here, in hopes that her stinging words will reach more readers . . . and touch more consciences. She’s responding to my blog reports that the great majority of states, … Continue reading»

In my last post I listed some of the educational reform measures that Indiana has adopted, including a more stringent teacher evaluation system, expansion (and more supervision) of charter schools, and a voucher program limited to low-income students. These laws … Continue reading»

Education reform: look to Indiana?

I promised that I’d post about some of the education reform efforts going forward in other states. The American Enterprise Institute recently issued a report on Indiana’s reform efforts: Implementing Indiana’s “Putting Students First” Agenda: Early Lessons and Potential Futures.” … Continue reading»

I’ll continue throwing out suggestions for how Utah could most effectively spend its (inevitably limited) additional educational resources. But meanwhile, a debate over charter schools has been raging among the people commenting on this blog, and I can’t resist wading … Continue reading»