Three thoughtful reflections on the Chicago teachers’ strike

I’m catching a train to Washington, D.C. this morning, so I don’t have time for a long post. But I read three interesting, thoughtful perspectives on the Chicago teachers’ strike during my morning email check, and I want to share them with readers.

Diane Ravitch is a strong union supporter, but also an educational historian who takes the long view of reform efforts . . . and their many unintended consequences. Read what she has to say here for a more sympathetic account of the teachers’ position:

Blog readers know that I’m a big fan of AEI’s Rick Hess. Note that while he generally supports Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, he sounds some cautionary notes about teacher evaluations:

And for a grumpy, politically incorrect viewpoint from a paleo-teacher (I pretty much consider myself one of those), read Joseph Epstein’s comments in today’s Wall Street Journal:

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