Utah sits out No Child Left Behind waivers

Well, the deadline for applying for a waiver from No Child Left Behind targets has come and gone . . . and Utah is one of only thirteen states that chose not to apply. Since Utah led the first wave of revolt against the law, I find this rather curious, although reluctance to submit to Secretary of Education Duncan’s alternative requirements probably lies behind this decision.

I find the waiver disturbing for a couple of other reasons. First of all, since when does the executive branch get to rewrite legislation — even arguably highly flawed legislation — unilaterally? I also worry, as I’ve commented before, that the Utah education establishment is a little too willing to run away from the vast gap between average student performance and the performance of poor and minority kids. Several states have begun closing this gap. Utah isn’t one of them.

Here’s a link to the Education Week story about the waivers.

And here’s a link to a pro-waiver op-ed from the Cedar City Daily News.

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