Another bite at teacher cheating scandals

I’ve blogged before about Rick Hess, an education scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Here’s a link to his very intelligent take on the teacher cheating scandals that have erupted in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and D.C. … with more likely coming to a neighborhood near you.

His bottom line — though I really recommend that you read the entire article: “The response is not to abolish the assessments or to bemoan human nature, but to try to devise assessments that measure real learning and to administer them in ways that minimize temptation and discourage malfeasance. That’s where it appears we have come up surprisingly, and remarkably, short. Has all of the vapid sentiment poured forth regarding teachers, teaching, and the rest really made it that hard to remember that educators are people, with all the usual virtues and foibles?”

For the link, click here.

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