An intriguing proposal for school restructuring

Carolyn Sharette, the Director of a Utah charter school, the American Preparatory Academy, has been a thoughtful and frequent commentator on this blog. Yesterday, in response to my post about alternative certification and the changing face of the teaching profession, she posted the following educational reform proposal. Since I assume not everyone reads through comments, I wanted to share her ideas with my readers — and get your response.

“I have thought if I were to design an education “system”, I would love to try the following:

1. School administrators would be hired by a district based upon the strength of their vision for a school and their expertise in creating one. As a new administrator was hired to head up a school, they would articulate their vision in a series of information meetings. Teachers would be welcome to apply to teach under that administrator if the vision was appealing to them. The administrator would hire the teachers and work to create the school.

2. Parents would be invited to subsequent information meetings, where the administrator and teachers would outline their vision. Parents would choose which school best fit their child.

3. Benchmarks would be set that would allow the district to have a standard for basic competency of the students. The school would be given a period of time to reach them. If they do, they continue. If they don’t, another administrator (with a proven model) would be invited to take the school.

4. Teachers and parents would always be expected to choose to stay or go.

5. Teachers could negotiate their salaries under this model.

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