The changing face of teaching: some interesting data

I have talked before about alternative routes to certification – I followed them myself to enter teaching in my mid-forties. So I was intrigued to see the following report from the National Center for Education Information, as reported in Education Week. “Four out of 10 new public school teachers hired since 2005 came through alternative teacher-preparation programs. . . That’s up from 22 percent of new teachers hired between 2000 and 2004.
In addition, the survey found that alternative-route teachers are more in favor of using reforms such as performance pay, elimination of tenure, tying student achievement to teacher evaluations, and market-driven pay to strengthen the teaching profession than are their traditionally prepared counterparts.” In other words, they are more willing to accept the norms that prevail in other professional occupations.

The study includes other interesting information. Teachers are younger, and the percent of female teachers is on the rise – a troubling fact, to my mind, given significant declines in boys’ educational performance.
At any rate, this is worth a look.

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