Death to high school English?

This week I’m going to be preoccupied with my daughter’s law school graduation (in Boston), so many of my posts will be “reposts” from other blogs to which I’ve contributed.

I’ve written before about why I think students need to spend more time in English class studying argumentation (and therefore, inevitably, less time studying literature.) I’ve also bored a number of my friends on the topic as well. This is probably why I received several links to a article provocatively entitled “Death to High School English.” (Let me warn readers that there is some – in my opinion unnecessary – bad language in this article.)

One of these friends asked me to respond on the Instapundit blog. Here’s the link.

The author of the Slate article teaches composition to college students; I’ve taught a supposedly similar class (AP Language and Composition.) Our experiences and conclusions are likewise similar.

This summer I’m going to be teaching an online writing class for students taking AP history or English next year, so you’ll probably hear more on this topic. As always, don’t hesitate to weigh in.

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