A second bite . . . at technology-based education

As we continue with this blog, I want to seize opportunities to follow up on earlier discussion threads as new education stories emerge. This morning’s Education Week online features a program in Vermont middle schools that uses laptops to customize learning as much as possible. Since so much of the education debate now centers on how to make learning more individual, and whether such approaches can work in more traditional school settings, I found this account very interesting. I have to admit that my “feet on the ground” instincts inspired a few questions. How well do the laptops hold up? How do teachers keep students focused on the task, when there are so many temptations out on the Internet. I remember sitting at the back of one of my husband’s law school classes at Stanford, and watching the students take careful notes, pull up the constitutional websites he was citing . . . check their email and Facebook pages, play backgammon, shop on Craig’s List.

Still, this sounds like an exciting program. Any reactions? Any similar

Here is the URL: www.edweek.org

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