Home School/Real School: A View from Both Sides of the Barricades: Part 1

One piece of information that is not included in my blog “bio” is that I home schooled my three children for several years before starting up my “real school” teaching career. Since this experience helped shape my views on education, I wanted to share some of what I learned with blog readers. More importantly, I would like to stimulate a debate about how students, families and teachers can best manage a transition from home school to brick and mortar school. The vast home school literature is surprisingly silent on this subject — maybe it seems disloyal? Still, as home schooling is much more common in the elementary grades, it follows that many home-schooled children do eventually enter or return to traditional classrooms. How have they benefited from home schooling? What adjustments must they make?

I’d especially like to encourage contributions from students who have made this journey (in either direction.) E-mail me at MMcConnell@desnews.com.

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