Will Online Courses Transform Education? Part 6

Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen, who also serves on the Deseret News Editorial Advisory Board, has an op-ed in today’s Deseret News related to online learning and legislation pending in Utah promoting greater use of online education in traditional schools. He writes:

“Disruptive innovations tend to be simpler and more affordable than existing services at the outset. But little by little, they improve predictably. Online learning fits the mold. At first it was most often used for distance learning. Increasingly, however, online learning is being implemented in brick-and-mortar schools in what is called blended learning; the content is becoming more and more robust for individual learners so that it motivates students to engage in deeper learning, and the communication technology is enhancing the ability of teachers and students to interact.”

See the full article at: at the following link.

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