Technology has its place but is not the answer

Milo Wright of Salt Lake City is a retired industrial analyst (Boeing Corporation), who holds a master’s degree in analytical chemistry. His wife has a master’s in elementary curriculum. He asserts that:

“The public schools in the United States are a disaster. The grandchildren cannot write a complete sentence, tell time or solve a story problem. It will get worse. Technology is not the answer.

“Over a quarter century ago, an editor at Forbes hit the nail on the head: ‘When the editorial staff of Forbes was debating how optimistic the magazine should be about technology in schools in 1984, one of the editors wrote a cautionary memo to his colleagues, “In the end,” he said, “it is the poor who will be chained to the computer; the rich will get teachers” (James W. Michaels, “The Stories Behind the Story,” Forbes, August 27, 1984, p. 4, quoted by Todd Oppenheimer, The Flickering Mind, Random House, New York, 2003, pp. 77-78).

“So … what is the solution? Train teachers, and buy good books. Technology has its place, but not for beginners.”

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